The very first music video – Erase You

Primal Maze released their very first music video for the single “Erase You” on 26.8.2021

The music video for Erase You provides a sonic vision of a wounded and distorted mind. It is a portrayal of a psyche, whose boundaries between unconsciousness and reality, delusion and truth are crumbling down. 

The music video is directed and written by the vocalist of Primal Maze, Ville Lamminmäki.

Narratively and aesthetically, this ambitious piece draws from the works of the golden age of MTV, an era when music videos reshaped the music industry, and ultimately, our cultural imagery at large

Work group

Directed and written by Ville Lamminmäki

Cinematography – Jesse Jalonen
Lights – Theofanis Kavvadas
Editing – Matti Koskinen & Ville Lamminmäki
Makeup – Johanna Försti & Irina Hohlacheva
Performers – Meri-Maija Näykki & Primal Maze
Thanks – Vesa Huhtikangas, Vappu Tuomisto