Author: hannu

Judas Christ is here

Judas Christ is a song about a fierce contradiction, a reflection of an inner conflict when you realize that you must embrace what you truly are and feel, even though it may not meet to the expectations of others. Judas Christ @ Spotify

New song released: Raise the Dead

Raise the Dead is an empowering anthem for all who have faced adversity and have struggled: a fierce call to arms for the search of a better, more fulfilling life. It is a kick-ass song for motivation, be it in the gym or in the pitfalls of everyday life. A firm push on the back, […]

Call of the Highway is out

We are pleased and amazed. Our second track ‘Call of the Highway’ is out now! Actually, it was the first song we made so ‘Call of the Highway’ was literally a milestone to us and it provided a momentum to explore and define our sound. Check out Call of the Highway on Spotify

Look Down released

We are excited to announce that we’ve just released our very first song Look Down and it is distributed to the major streaming services. Check it out on Spotify

Recording the first pieces

The first three tracks of Primal Maze were recorded in two places, Finnvox B and ShedStudios. Finnvox B is undoubtedly the most legendary recording studio in Finland, established in 1967. But how the hell did we end up in there? After a period of songwriting and rehearsal in the summer of 2018, the band looked […]