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Fueled by the seminal bands of classic, grunge, alternative and stoner rock, Primal Maze incorporates intense vocals and robust riffs to create infectious music. Formed in 2018 in Helsinki, Finland. Because it had to be. Read more from bio.

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“Awakenings” EP is out 23.11.2023 - Our very first EP "Awakenings" has been released. You can find "Awakenings" on Spotify. Turn up the volume and enjoy!… more
Primal Maze unleashes “Awakenings” EP and celebrates with a gig 10.11.2023 - Primal Maze is set to release their EP, "Awakenings", on November 23rd 2023. We are also hosting a gig on… more
Fuzz assault called “Hole in the Sky” is out 3.11.2023 - The second release from the upcoming Awakenings EP is out and it's called Hole in the Sky. Hole in the… more
New single “Steps” is out 6.10.2023 - Steps is the first single from the forthcoming Awakenings EP. Steps is a song on how the most valuable things… more
The very first music video – Erase You 26.8.2021 - Primal Maze released their very first music video for the single "Erase You" on 26.8.2021 The music video for Erase… more
Lyric video for Judas Christ 30.7.2021 - Our very first music video "Erase You" will be released on 26.8.2021. To easen up the wait, a fresh lyric… more
Judas Christ is here 29.11.2019 - Judas Christ is a song about a fierce contradiction, a reflection of an inner conflict when you realize that you… more
Grace is out 1.11.2019 - Grace, our beautiful and bittersweet song about longing, hope and desire is out now. Grace @ Spotify more
New song released: Raise the Dead 27.9.2019 - Raise the Dead is an empowering anthem for all who have faced adversity and have struggled: a fierce call to… more
Erase You is out 30.5.2019 - Erase You is out, thus you should check it out. It's a master piece. This is the Spotify link more